The Baby Tracing Twins

One cold winter afternoon we were sitting around the shop when the phone rings. Gyllian answers and its somoene looking for a custom order. We go on with our conversation until we hear a rather strange request from Gyllian. It seems that a long time customer of ours had had twins. The father owned one of our Traveller Cowls, and the mother wanted us to make matching cowls for the kids. Not knowing how to size for children, Gyllian made this request:

"OK, here's what I need you to do. Get a large sheet of paper, take one of the babies and lay it down on the paper. Now trace around it and mail the sheet to me. "

After a lot of laughs, there was a great debate on which was funnier; the request itself, or the fact that he referred to the 'tracee' as 'it'.

The request eventually turned into a pair of matching jerkins (and pouches and bracers) instead of a cowl. Their mother was kind enough to send us these pictures of the very adorable children that have since been known as the "baby tracing twins".