EeldrytchTM Fall 2002 Contest

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Eeldrytch Armoureetm Fall 2002 Contest

OK, we've been a little slow on updating the contest, but we have a solution that will be fixed this time. Guesses will be sent to the Web Guy instead of the Leather Elves. This way we can be sure of a quicker turn around time. So without further ado, we want to know:

What is a good response to people who come up to us at shows and ask "Is this real"? Not, "Is this real leather?" Not "Is this real armor?" Just "Is this real"... Without getting into a deep metaphysical discussion, we are never really sure how to answer that. So we want to know what you think. What is the best response to the person that walks to the table and asks us "Is this real?"

Best (i.e. funniest) response will win a Sealgaire Pouch. 2 guesses per person allowed.

The contest will run until October 31, 2002.

So e-mail Perin and give him your best come back. (Please leave the message subject 'Eeldrytch Contest' so he knows its not spam).

Legal Stuff: Direct family members of Eeldrytch ArmoureeTM leather slaves, or family members of participating sponsers are not eligible for the grand prize. Limit of 2 guesses per person allowed.